Wine Tourism

Logroño is a Oenopolis

The same as the words that make up the phrase “wine culture”, Enópolis means something that goes far beyond a simple wine tasting, being an Enópolis means that Logroño is a city that lives by and for wine, but above all everything, where this drink becomes the backbone of the tourist and heritage offer.

Becoming an Enopolis consists of drawing an attractive tourist offer that is as full of color as a ray of light that becomes an iris when passing through the fine glass of a glass.


Inspiring tips

From being spaces designed for the artisanal production of wine, cellars and wine presses have become an interesting sample of Logroño’s past, unconventional museums that are worth a visit.
The capital of La Rioja is more than just a setting for wine tastings, it is not just a place where you can enjoy one of the most renowned Spanish designations of origin: it is an Oenopolis, a city that lives by and for wine.
Logroño won the “Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year” award granted by the International Association of Golf Travel Writers in 2019.
Logroño as Oenopolis is a project that aims to turn the capital of La Rioja into a catalyst for the region’s energies, combining wine tourism with cultural and natural attractions to position itself as an essential destination for a public eager to travel again.  
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