DOCa Rioja Regulatory Council

Logroño Regulatory Council DOCa Rioja

The Designation of Origin Rioja was created on June 6, 1925 and is the oldest in Spain. It was promoted by the vine growers and wine makers of Rioja, united to work for the highest quality and exclusivity of their wines.

Its headquarters are in the Cascajos de Logroño neighborhood.

At the end of the 19th century, with the birth of modern Rioja, the effort to protect and develop the identity of an excellent product linked to the territory was redoubled.

In this way, it is the Riojan winemakers and processors themselves who decide to seek the maximum guarantees of quality so that the wines produced in the region are protected from the threat of usurpations and falsifications.

Such concern culminated in the official recognition on June 6, 1925 of the Rioja Denomination of Origin, authorizing the introduction on wine labels of the word ‘RIOJA’ with the character of a collective brand and creating a special seal. The legal basis for this measure had its precedent in the 1902 Law on Industrial Property.

The oldest DO in Spain

By Royal Decree of October 22, 1926, the first control body of the Rioja Denomination of Origin was created, a Regulatory Council entrusted with the mission of delimiting the Rioja production area, controlling the issuance of the ‘guarantee seals’ and recommend the legal measures to be adopted against usurpers and counterfeiters of the Rioja brand. Its regulations were approved in February 1928.

The culmination of this entire process of integration of the wine sector came in April 1991 with the concession of the D.O.Ca. — Qualified Designation of Origin and the approval of a new Regulation. Recognition of the serious and continuous effort made by the Rioja wine sector to achieve the most ambitious goals of quality and prestige.

Calle Estambrera, 52. 26006 Logroño.


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