Knowledge takes up the… winepress

Lagares Space

From being spaces designed for the artisanal production of wine, cellars and wine presses have become an interesting sample of Logroño’s past, unconventional museums that are worth a visit No one will be surprised at this point if we talk about the importance of wine in Logroño. What might leave you speechless is to discover […]

Eight wineries to understand an Oenopolis

Bodegas de Logroño

The capital of La Rioja is more than just a setting for wine tastings, it is not just a place where you can enjoy one of the most renowned Spanish designations of origin: it is an Oenopolis, a city that lives by and for wine. To see for yourself, just visit the Bodegas de Logroño […]

With wine, golf

Logroño Golf Course

In Scotland, the home of golf, golf courses are said to have eighteen holes because that is the number of glasses you can fill with a bottle of whisky. The same could be said of a good Rioja wine, where the combination of golf and wine tourism is increasingly tempting… although in this case, the […]

Wine is king

Logroño Greenway of El Cortijo

Logroño as Oenopolis is a project that aims to turn the capital of La Rioja into a catalyst for the region’s energies, combining wine tourism with cultural and natural attractions to position itself as an essential destination for a public eager to travel again. Imagine a couple of wine connoisseur friends asking for advice on […]