5th Anniversary of the Siege of Logroño: the origin of (almost) everything

The siege of Logroño and the subsequent defeat of the Franco-Navarrese army by the local people forms part of the romantic myth of the city, but it also marked the beginning of its period of greatest splendour and the discovery of its European and cultural vocation. The events commemorating the fifth anniversary of the siege […]

Logroño in full swing

El Ebro a su paso por Logroño

The city of Logroño is making its commitment to the environment and to sustainability very clear by joining the European Green City Agreement. The city’s extensive network of parks and protected areas provides endless options for enjoying nature and the fresh air. In the 1980s the founder of the German Green Party said, “everyone wants […]

Wine is king

Logroño Greenway of El Cortijo

Logroño as Oenopolis is a project that aims to turn the capital of La Rioja into a catalyst for the region’s energies, combining wine tourism with cultural and natural attractions to position itself as an essential destination for a public eager to travel again. Imagine a couple of wine connoisseur friends asking for advice on […]

The tapa, a great little snack

Culture can of course be about visiting museums, but it can also be about visiting a bar to enjoy a different kind of art: the culinary kind. Because the tapa can be a simple entertainment or a mini explosion of flavour and texture. And Logroño is the perfect place to enjoy such pleasures, as the […]

All roads lead… to Logroño!


“Con pan y vino se anda el camino” (With bread and wine you can walk the road), according to a popular saying. And Logroño is well served with excellent wines and even better roads. Firstly, because it is the capital of La Rioja, and secondly, because the French, Ebro and Ignatian Pilgrim Routes to Santiago […]

Logroño brochures in different languages

The only true way to get to know a new city is to go into every street and detail. Thus, we discover the stories, the stories and the whys of the streets, the buildings, the bridges that link the banks, the statues and sculptures that adorn the squares, or the cultural, social and economic spirit […]

Revellín Cube

The Revellín Cube and the Puerta del Camino (Way of St James Gateway), decorated with the arms of Carlos V and the city’s, are the only vestiges of the walls that fortified the city of Logroño and whose demolition began in 1861. The Revellín Cube was built between the years 1522 and 1524 under the […]

Logroño, simply divine

Logroño puente de piedra vistas

One thing that’s obvious is that Logroño is linked to wine culture. But let’s interpret “culture” in the broad sense, because then we will see many different Logroños, all focused on the vine. The road winds its way through the ravines and crags of the Iregua valley, before it comes to a halt on the […]