Portales Street

Logroño Calle Portales

The gradual transformation of Calle Portales probably started in the 15th century. This street represents the socioeconomic evolution of the city and throughout its history it has been the main center of commerce, finance, politics and culture.

It is part of the fundamental streets of old Logroño, with Barriocepo, Rúa Vieja or Ruavieja, Mayor and Mercado, due to the breadth and importance of its road.

The current appearance of Calle Portales is due to the renovation works carried out in the first months of 2006 by the City Council, which basically consisted of new lighting, signage, new wooden benches and renovation of the pavement.

Most of the arcades that currently characterize Calle Portales were built in the last quarter of the 19th century.

The Co-Cathedral of La Redonda is its main monument, next to Palace de los Chapiteles, the Marketplace and the plaza of San Agustín where you can visit the Museum of La Rioja. You will find the La Rioja Tourist Office in this same street.

Old Town of Logroño.

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