Fielato. Pilgrim information point.

Fielato. Punto de información al peregrino.


















The “fielatos” are two small ground floor buildings that functioned as an office that was installed at the entrance of the towns to collect the old consumption tax or “pontazgo” for crossing a bridge, in this case the bridge of Stone or San Juan Ortega.

All pilgrims who arrive in Logroño along the French Camino de Santiago must cross the Stone Bridge. The “fielato” located to the east (1910) was the headquarters of the San Antonio neighborhood association, while the one located to the west (1900) functioned as a warehouse for the “Casa de las Ciencias”.

Today, the “fielato” located to the east of the Stone Bridge informs pilgrims about the operation of the municipal hostel, private accommodation, restaurants and other tourist resources in the city that may interest them.

Opened from Easter to the end of October. From Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 14:00.

Phone: +34 941 275 982