Market Square

Logroño Market Square

The Logroño Market Square, which has had successive names in its history, was originally –in the 16th century– the main town square that served as an urban center and administrative reference.

In this space the fairs and farm markets that brought so much prosperity to our city in the past, were facilitated by its location on the Camino de Santiago.

Since the 11th century, with the granting of the Camino de Santiago and, above all, the royal concession reached in 1195 of holding two free markets (tax-free) a year, they marked the commercial tradition of our city.

This consideration would later give rise to our best known festivals, San Mateo, by making one of the annual fairs coincide with the feast of this saint (on September 21) at the request of Queen Elizabeth II.

The last and most profound remodeling suffered by the square was in 1986, opening a wide space that seeks the stroll and enjoyment of citizens: from the views from the porticoes, the old colorful houses, the cathedral, Calle Portales, the cafe terraces or the social gatherings on the occasion of popular festivals, tastings, street theater performances and artisan markets.

Meeting point

It is a place of reference for leisure on weekends, especially in the summer months, where you can enjoy the night under the silhouette of the towers of the La Redonda Cathedral .

The square has undergone various modifications and extensions over the years. The ‘portalillos’ –element that characterizes it and establishes a style in accordance with ‘portales’ located opposite, on the street of the same name– they were built in the 19th century.

Market Square. Logrono 26001


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