Sagasta High School

Logroño Sagasta High School

The IES Práxedes Mateo Sagasta building or Sagasta High School, as it is known familiarly by the people of Logroño, islocated near to ESDIR (School of Arts and Design Superior of La Rioja), the first in the Glorieta del Doctor Zubía and the second in Avenida de la Paz, before reaching the City Hall.

They are two emblematic buildings of the city that were built for the same purpose, to teach public education.

History of the building

The origin of the Sagasta building probably dates back to 1837, when a school subsidized by the Provincial Council and the City Council was created in Logroño with the name of Instituto Riojano and the direction of Víctor Lana.

In 1839 it officially began its activity, thanks to the financial contributions of the Duke of Victoria, Espartero, in collaboration with the Provincial Council and the City Council.

In order to promote it, a chair of Agriculture is created at the same Institute.

After the confiscation of Mendizábal, the Institute was transferred to the Convent of Carmen. He always had the very important help of Espartero, who ordered the creation of a Second School Institute in Logroño in 1842. The opening of the Center took place on October 1, 1843, changing the name of Instituto Riojano to the Institute of 2ª Enseñanza de Logroño, which served in the Convento del Carmen until 1895.

The municipal architect Luis Barrón drew up the plans for what would be the new institute in 1894. The works lasted five years and three months and what became the General Institute was inaugurated on September 21, 1900.

In 1923 the name was changed again and it was called the National Institute of Second Education.

In the school year 1959 -1960 a new name change takes place: National Institute of High School Marqués de la Ensenada. This name coinciding with that of the Haro High School, which had the same name. In 1975 it was re-baptized with a new and almost definitive name: Instituto Práxedes Mateo Sagasta.

This is the name it kept until the LOGSE educational law was implemented on October 9, 1990, when it became Institute of Secondary Education (IES) Práxedes Mateo Sagasta .

Remodeling works

On June 30, 2016, the building where the teaching activity had been carried out for the last 116 years was temporarily vacated for remodelating works.

* With information from Luis Ángel Pérez Alfaro published in the official website of the IES Práxedes Mateo Sagasta de Logroño.

Temporarily closed.

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