Revellin Exhibition Hall

Logroño Revellin Exhibition Hall

The permanent exhibition at theCube of the Revellin (El Cubo del Revellin) updates its contents in 2021 on the occasion of V Centenary of the Siege of Logroño.

The axes of the exhibition are the siege of 1521 and the situation of Logroño within the Franco-Navarrese invasion;the figure of the monarchs Francisco I of France and Carlos V as emperor and the resolution of the war; knowledge of the city’s defensive system and its evolution during the siege; Logroño society in the 16th century, and the origins and evolution of the Cube from 1524 to the present day.

The exhibition incorporates several audiovisual surprises that delight visitors.

In addition, thanks to the collaboration of institutions such as Museo de La Rioja y el Museo Najerillense, new pieces of great historical value have also been incorporated, such as muskets, blunderbusses, pistols and other firearms of the period; balls from the Castillo del Puente; different pieces of pottery or numismatics, among others.

Calle Once de Junio, 6. 26001 Logroño.


Vídeo sobre el Cubo del Revellín.

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