Provincial Historical Archive

Logroño Provincial Historical Archive

The Provincial Historical Archive of La Rioja (AHPLR) has the mission of collecting, conserving, organizing, disseminating the centenary notarial and registry documents of the province, as well as those generated by the Delegated Administration of the State in the Autonomous Community in its phase intermediate and historical.

It can also safeguard documents from other administrations, individuals or legal entities, public or private, in their historical phase, entered by deposits or donations, all aimed at increasing the Documentary Heritage of La Rioja.

The Archive is built on a plot of nearly 500 m2, located at Calle Rodríguez de Paterna, 24, which was originally occupied by a palace house of which only its balanced neoclassical façade remains, a work from the last third. 18th century, which is why the building is known as Palace House of the Orive.

This façade is the only thing that has been preserved of the two houses that the Orive family, perpetual rulers of the city, ordered the architect Valerio de Ascorbe y Beitia to build in what was then called Villanueva Street.

The current building was designed by the architects Sáenz de Jubera Encío and Torío Piudo, conceiving it from the outside and as regards the storage area, as a closed container without openings, a tribute to the old three-key coffers from the archives of council.

Rodríguez Paterna Street, 24. 26001 Logroño.


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