Plaza de San Agustín

Logroño Plaza de San Agustín

The Plaza de San Agustín (San Agustin Square) is one of the most important historical places in the Casco Antiguo (Old Town) of Logroño. The neighborhood of San Pedro, the church of San Pedro de los Lirios, the convent of the Augustinian Mothers, the Post Office and Telegraph building, the Espartero Palace or its public fountains, are some of the characteristic elements (some of them disappeared) that have been located in the Plaza de San Agustín or its surroundings in recent centuries.

The old palace of Post and Telegraphs, transformed into a hotel in 2021, it also stands on the site where the Convent of the Augustinian Mothers stood from the 17th century until 1915, when the new square was built.

The historic Fuente de San Agustín that was formerly here was one of the five main sources of Logroño at the end of the 18th century: San Agustín, Santiago, San Francisco, Episcopal Palace and La Merced fountains.

At present we can admire in this square the Palacio del Espartero, home of La Rioja Museum .

Plaza de San Agustín Casco Antiguo. 26001 Logroño.

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