Ebro Park

Logroño Ebro Park

The Ebro Park is the ‘green lung’ of the city. It runs along the right bank of the river with eight kilometers of gardens and an uninterrupted pedestrian route from the El Cubo park to the Iregua park. Literally one step away from Old Town, you can enjoy a great variety of species of birds and small mammals.

Logroño in a walk

Logroño recovered the right bank of the Ebro for the citizen life in 1993, the year in which this 153,000-square-meter park was inaugurated.

This park has three main areas:

The first area, of 70,000 square meters, is the closest to the river and remains covered by its waters for a good part of the year.

The non-floodable area begins at the Stone Bridge and connects with a breakwater that separates it from the previous area and from which a walk begins that reaches the end of the park. In its 72,000 square meters large meadows of grass winding along paths are distributed, a bar next to a pond and children’s games and a fireplace on which storks nest.

The park benefits the environment of the Church of Santiago El Real, located on the Jacobean Route. A viewpoint stands out, which is accessed through large steps and a large Game of the Goose allegorical to the different stages of the Santiago’s road.

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