Bretón de los Herreros Theater

Logroño Breton de los Herreros Theater

The Bretón de los Herreros Theater de Logroño began its journey on September 19, 1880 with the representation of several plays writen by the Riojan author Manuel Breton de los Herreros. The building was constructed by the architect and owner Félix Navarro taking the Gijón theater as a model.

History of the Breton Theater of Logroño

In 1879 the municipality of Logroño, presided over by Diego de Francia, Marqués de San Nicolás, took the agreements for the purchase of land and the commission for the construction of the new theater. The location of this theater was decided after discarding five possible ones, including that of Calle Mayor.

The theater was inaugurated on September 19, 1880, precisely with the representation of various plays by Bretón de los Herreros. The building offered 700 seats. The name given to the new space was the Quintana Theater, although it was popularly called the Principal Theater.

In the history of this establishment occupies an important place the first film projection in Logroño onNovember 18, 1896. In 1901 the Caja de Ahorros Municipal bought the theater and undertook major interior and exterior renovation works, under the direction of the architects Ignacio Velasco, first, and Luis Barrón, later, who modified the structure, the roof and especially the façade, practically transforming it into the one we know today.

In 1919 structural modifications are undertaken. Later, in 1951, a very important renovation was carried out by the architect Gonzalo Cadarso, acquiring the appearance prior to the one we know now, and that many people will probably still remember: horseshoe-shaped boxes in the front and in the back two amphitheaters, of which the highest was topped with fixed wooden bench seats.

Important contributions in the reconstruction were the creation of a basement in which there is a large foyer with a cafeteria bar, the dressing room area, the orchestra pit of greater capacity and the stage pit, among others.

The character and decoration of the main hall was maintained, with respect for ornamental and decorative elements — hall ceilings, stage entrance, lamps, railing of the boxes— although the structure of the building and its distribution were newly built. thus promoting greater dimensions at the expense of the anteroom and vestibules that existed previously.

On May 1990 the new Bretón de los Herreros Theater was inaugurated by HRH Doña Sofía, and from that moment on it has been owned by the municipality.

The last refurbishment of the theater was carried out during the programming break periods in the summer months of the years 2008, 2009 and 2010, with the purpose of not interfering in the usual programming.

Since then, the activity of this space has contributed to an approach to La Rioja of the national and foreign scenic panorama, becoming one of the most important exhibition centers in our country.

Check the schedule of the Teatro Bretón de Logroño in its official Web.

Calle Bretón de los Herreros, 11. 26001 Logroño.


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