Rioja-style potatoes, the humble history of a great dish

Savor Logroño Recipes Potatoes with chorizo

The flagship dish of Riojan cuisine, able to thrill the best chefs in the world, has its origins in the daring idea of the first European who wanted to popularise the consumption of tubers on the old continent. “But if you have this, what do you need be for?” Paul Bocuse couldn’t understand anything. He […]

Logroño, a great range of restaurants

Cocineros restaurante en Logroño

Whether Michelin starred or a little more humble, with a cosmopolitan approach or focused on showcasing tradition, Logroño’s restaurants offer flavours with their roots in quality produce and wine culture. Because it’s not just about tapas if you want to make the evening last longer sipping a good wine and enjoying after-dinner conversation. Talking about […]

The Riojan pantry

La despensa riojana.

Logroño is synonymous with wine, but not to look beyond this would be to miss out on the wealth of fresh and processed products that only La Rioja has to offer. The market gardens on the banks of the Ebro give us a variety of top-quality agricultural products which, together with wine, oil and other […]

The tapa, a great little snack

Culture can of course be about visiting museums, but it can also be about visiting a bar to enjoy a different kind of art: the culinary kind. Because the tapa can be a simple entertainment or a mini explosion of flavour and texture. And Logroño is the perfect place to enjoy such pleasures, as the […]