Main atracctions in the old town of Logroño

Izi guide

The capital of La Rioja is one of the destinations that users of Izi.Travel’s free audio tourist guides can now choose from. An ideal aid for discovering the must-see places in the historic centre while walking, with the advantage of being usable in real time, on the spot. With this free guide, tourists who come […]

Logroño brochures in different languages

The only true way to get to know a new city is to go into every street and detail. Thus, we discover the stories, the stories and the whys of the streets, the buildings, the bridges that link the banks, the statues and sculptures that adorn the squares, or the cultural, social and economic spirit […]

Logroño, simply divine

Logroño puente de piedra vistas

One thing that’s obvious is that Logroño is linked to wine culture. But let’s interpret “culture” in the broad sense, because then we will see many different Logroños, all focused on the vine. The road winds its way through the ravines and crags of the Iregua valley, before it comes to a halt on the […]