The Golden Gate

Logroño La Reja Dorada Bodegas Calados

Ruavieja Street was important for wine production from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. General Espartero had two properties with wineries, numbers 7 and 13 on this street, which he gave to Colonel Luciano Murrieta (future Marqués de Murrieta) to make his wines. In 1870, he moved the winery to the Ygay Estate, located on the outskirts of Logroño.

At number 19 of Ruavieja Street, there was also a property of the general’s wife, Jacinta Martínez de Sicilia, who had a winery namedThe Golden Gate .. It is a 16th century house, which has a great calado (underground cellar) of ashlar masonry forming a barrel vault and without transverse arches.

The house is articulated in three heights, the lower one in stone ashlar to which two lintelled doors open, this is the space that was dedicated to the wine shop. The two upper floors had the function of housing.

Passion for wine

It is said that on their wedding day a large red carpet was laid that went from here to the Co-Cathedral of La Redonda .

The Marqués de Murrieta, a friend of the couple, would later live in this building where he would dedicate himself to his great passion, wine making, experimenting with wooden barrels and other techniques.

The house is privately owned. Until a few years ago, a famous restaurant was kept here that also bore the name of the old winery: La Reja Dorada.

Ruavieja Street, 19. 26001 Logroño.

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