San Blas Market

Also known as Plaza de Abastos (Abastos Square), the San Blas Market was for a long time the nerve center of local commerce. It offers a unique space in which the typical products of Riojan gastronomy coexist with social, cultural and artistic activities.

The San Blas Market combines the architectural beauty of its building with a delicious culinary offer. Vegetables, nuts, spices, fish, meats and quality sausages are some of the delicacies that this market has always supplied, with its own personality that adapts to the typical seasonal products.

Tradition and professionalism are the qualities of our merchants, which makes them specialists in fresh produce, preserves and traditional Riojan elaborations.

A unique building

In 1928, the architect Fermín Alamo was commissioned to design a new food market, who was in the prime of his professional career, opening the market in December 1930.

The location was the same as that of the first food market, above the church of San Blas, comprising four main streets. It is projected with a basement, ground floor, mezzanine and floor, with access from each of the four facades.

The main façade opens onto Sagasta Street, with a central body and a tower on each side, which end in two quadrangular towers supported by cores of three columns each.

For the decoration of the facade, columns and different types of striking arches are used that house large windows built with concrete, iron, glass, brick and glazed ceramic. The façade is repeated on Gallarza street, eliminating the towers.

The secondary facades to Hermanos Moroy and El Peso streets present a succession of lintelled angular arches, adorned with red brick. The architect uses reinforced concrete friezes for the separation of the floors, in which reliefs alluding to the function of the building are shown: between the ground floor and the first floor the ornamentation is rich in plant themes, with baskets of vegetables and fruits, and between the first and second floors fish, birds and lambs are represented.

The combination of materials and shapes and elements of different trends gives the building an eclectic character, to which the architect arrives as a result of the work carried out in previous works.

In 1987, the Plaza de Abastos building underwent a successful restoration. Since then it has been adapting to the needs of its users.

Calle Sagasta, 1. 26001 Logroño.


Open from Monday to Friday 7:30-2:00pm / 4:30-8:00 pm Saturday, 7:30-2:00pm Sundays closed.

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