Palace of the Chapiteles

Logroño Palace of the Chapiteles

Known as Palacio de los Chapiteles (Palace of the ‘Chapiteles’ or Spires), this building is located at the beginning of Calle Portales . First notice of its origins dates back to the 16th century and to the Jiménez de Enciso family.

It was owned by the Marquises of Someruelos until 1862, when the municipal corporation acquired it with the initial idea that it would serve as the Bishop’s residence. After abandoning the project of moving the episcopal headquarters from Calahorra to Logroño, it was decided to use the building as a Town Hall.

The two spiers or ‘chapiteles’ that give the building its name were added to the construction in the 18th century.

During the 115 years that it was City Hall (1865-1980), this charming palace witnessed important moments in the history of the city.

Instituto de Estudios Riojanos

After the current City Hall was built, the Palace of the Chapiteles was destined in 1987 to be the headquarters of the Department of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Government of La Rioja. It currently houses the Instituto de Estudios Riojanos (IER) .

Calle Portales, 2. 26001 Logroño.

Instituto de Estudios Riojanos (IER)

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