Juan de Vergara Palace

Logroño Palace of Juan de Vergara

The Palacio de Juan de Vergara is possibly the oldest residential building in the city. It is a large house built around 1500 by Juan de Vergara, prior of the order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher. You can see its facade at number 9 Ruavieja de Logroño.

The mansion would reach the north wall and is built in ashlar masonry and brick. The portal is pointed with a molding and is flanked by two small shields with the arms of the Vergara – a wolf chained to a tree under three bands – and the Porres – five fleurs de lis.

On the first floor there are two balconies with period ironwork and among them a large 18th century coat of arms of a later family, cut by a band between dragons, with three lilies on one side and thirteen kissing ones on the other.

The façade gives way to a hallway next to which a block opens to the left side, beyond that there is a porticoed patio with octagonal columns, of which only the three on the east side remain standing. The patio communicates with the rear building and with the two spectacular openings in the semi-basement that the house has.

Ruavieja, 9. 26001 Logroño.

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