Monte Cantabria

Logroño Panoramic view from Monte Cantabria

The Monte Cantabria facilitates a privileged natural viewpoint over Logroño and the banks of the Ebro. This hill is also part of the cultural heritage of the city with its archaeological remains from the 2nd century BC.

From this privileged photopoint we can see the towers of the monuments most appreciated by the people of Logroño:

Church of San Bartolomé (13th century), a temple originally attached to the old wall that has now disappeared in that section of the city, in which its façade stands out, an extraordinary example of Gothic sculpture.

Also, the extraordinary tower of the Imperial Church of Santa María de Palacio, a Gothic spire from the 13th century, structured in the shape of an eight-sided arrow. Inside, the main altarpiece stands out, which bears the signature of Arnao de Bruxelles.

And the towers (known as the twins) of the Co-Cathedral of the Redonda in the Market Square.

As well as, of course, the tower of Santiago El Real, in whose façade there is a large equestrian sculpture of the apostle.

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