Logroño Cemetery

Logroño Cemetery

The Logroño Cemetery, almost two centuries old, has great historical and artistic interest.

This cemetery was created in 1832 on the initiative of Cayetano de Sierra, priest of the Imperial Church of Santa María de Palacio.

From an artistic point of view, the Logroño cemetery is a very interesting space, due to the age of many of the burials that are preserved in it, the artistic value of some pantheons and tombs and the presence of constructions and sculptures made by prestigious architects and sculptors.

Another motivation for the visit is the presence of famous people buried in it. In addition to relevant people in the history of the city such as the Princes of Vergara, Amós Salvador or Martín Zurbano, the cemetery also remembers artists (such as the architects Fermín Álamo and Agapito del Valle or the painters Segundo Arce and Enrique Blanco Lac), scientists (Dr. Zubía, engineer Fernando Gallego), aristocrats (the Marquises of Riscal, del Romeral and Fuertegollano) and merchants (Antonio Barrigosa, Martín Cárdenas).

Carretera de Navarra, s / n. 26009 Logroño.


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