Las Gaunas Stadium

Logroño Municipal Stadium Las Gaunas

The Municipal Stadium Las Gaunas was inaugurated on Thursday, February 28, 2002 with a friendly match that pitted Club Deportivo Logroñés against Deportivo Alavés, who played in the First Division.

History of Las Gaunas

The old Las Gaunas field was located on lands south of Logroño owned by the Gaona sisters, and the stadium was named after their family nickname, Las Gaunas.

On June 15, 1924 it was inaugurated with a match between CD Logroño and the French team of Vie au Grand Air. The result was 3-0 and the 1st goal was scored by Ramón Castroviejo from Rioja.

Throughout its history it underwent several extensions and renovations that were added to the initial central gallery. In 1944 the field was divided into Preference and General and the fencing works began. In 1957 the southern goal stand was built. On August 30, 1969, the artificial lighting was inaugurated in a match against Elche. In 1987 the north end and north side grandstands were created, in addition to the changing room area. And in 1988 the south stand was expanded.

In 1997 the construction works of the new Municipal Stadium of Las Gaunas began, which were not finished until 2002, extending the life of the old stadium that was demolished that same summer. The last game that was played in the old Las Gaunas was the one corresponding to the 25th round of group II of the Second Division B of the 2001/02 season and that faced Logroñés and L’Hospitalet.

In 2021, municipal work is being done to incorporate boxing and fencing sports practices (there are already two fencing halls at CDM Las Gaunas).

Moncalvillo Avenue, 1. 26008 Logroño.


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