La Ribera Park

Logroño Ribera Park pano

La Ribera Park It is one of the parks of the Ebro as it passes through Logroño. It is of recent construction and in the area it occupies are located two of the most significant public buildings in the city: the Palacio de Congresos de La Rioja – Riojaforum and the Plaza de Toros de La Ribera. The Parque de la Ribera offers the possibility of taking a pleasant walk without leaving a single moment of a green environment, full of trees and vegetation of changing color at different times of the year.

It has innumerable species of trees, especially original riverside trees. The popularly known as Pino de la Ribera stands out as one of the largest trees in the city.

The park is an excellent natural environment for walks and sports. It offers children’s games, drinking fountains, a gazebo for picnics and huge meadows. A lake occupies the center of the park.


The name of the park originates from its location in a meander that the Ebro draws as it passes between the Ebro dam and Mount Cantabria. Previously there was an area of orchards and farms very close to the city.

Since its opening, the park has become a place of great interest for people from Logroño, especially because it is ideal for practicing sports. Festive events have also been held in the park, highlighting the fireworks contest and the activities in the bullring during the Festivities of San Mateo (not only bullfighting, but also musical and sports).

Also very noteworthy are the initiatives of Riojaforum: concerts, business meetings, commercial exhibitions, professional congresses and many other and varied events.

Public park with free access to the gardens.

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