Iregua Park

Logroño Iregua Park

The Iregua Park is a natural park that accompanies the course of the Iregua river until its mouth in the Ebro river.

It runs from the mouth of the Iregua in the Ebro to the town of Puente Madre, belonging to Villamediana de Iregua, but practically linked to the La Estrella neighborhood of Logroño. Its layout is part of the GR-99 long distance trail, also called the Ebro Natural Trail.

The Iregua park is the continuation of another park, the Parque de la Ribera. It begins at the mouth of this tributary of the Ebro, near the town of Varea, and together with the Ebro park and those of Concordia and El Cubo they form the so-called ‘green belt’ of Logroño.

For its realization, 37 hectares were prepared and 350 trees and 1,500 shrubs were planted, to give rise to a route of about two kilometers in length that runs parallel to the last stretch of the Iregua.

In 2012, a 2.2-km section was inaugurated from the end of the Iregua park, in Puente Madre, to the limit of the towns of Villamediana de Iregua and Alberite, linking with the Via Romana del Iregua and giving rise to an uninterrupted route of 77.2 kilometers between Varea and Lumbreras, near the port of Piqueras.

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