House of Journalists

Logroño House of Journalists

The building of the House of Journalists, located opposite the Church of San Bartolomé, is the headquarters of the Association of the Press and College of Journalists of La Rioja.

It has several rooms: an exhibition hall, an office, three meeting rooms and a double-height room called the Press Center. It also offers an interior patio-terrace and kitchen.

Exhibition Room. 53 square meters on the ground floor of the House of Journalists. This room allows to offer cattering events as it has an attached kitchen.

Meeting room. 30 square meters. Capacity for meetings of 14-16 people and also allows to offer breakfast service.

Press Center Room. The room has an area of 96 square meters, 74 of them on the first floor and 22 in the gallery that flies over it. The main characteristic of this space is its spaciousness and the great versatility of its furniture. In just a few minutes you can vary the layout of the room and adapt it to different activities (conferences, academic training, work meetings). The capacity varies depending on the arrangement of tables and chairs:

  • Conference setup: Capacity for 110 people.
  • Arrangement for Press Conferences and Training Classroom: Capacity 42 people.
  • Arrangement for meetings with a boardroom table or tables in the shape of a “u”: Capacity 48 people.
  • Equipment: microphones. 20 square meter screen. 3,300 lumen projector, with video and DVD inputs from two points in the room, one of them from the chair. This projector also has a computer input (PC and Macintosh) with Internet connection and the possibility of projection on the screen. Television with satellite dish and five European channels. Possibility of recording the activities that take place in the room. Distribution table with direct sound outlet for radio and television.

Lola Compairé Reading Room. Library located on the third floor of the building with the option of being used as a meeting room with capacity for 16 people.

The building also has an access ramp for the disabled, a patio, an elevator and four bathrooms, one of them adapted for the disabled. Throughout the building there are 48 strips for workstations distributed in the different rooms.

Plaza de San Bartolomé, 5. 26001 Logroño.


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