GR-99 Ebro Nature Trail

Logroño Route Ebro Cortijo

The GR-99 Ebro Nature Trail runs 1,280 kilometers along the banks of the Ebro, from Fontibre (Cantabria) to the Ebro Delta (Catalonia). La Rioja is the third community in kilometers of length of the trail, about 170 kilometers. Several of the stages pass through it, perfectly signposted. The marks that differentiate it are two horizontal bands, white and red.

Its urban stretch of Logroño begins in the El Cortijo neighborhood, offering beautiful views of the city and passes by the Ermita del Cristo and the Sagasta Bridge . Follow a beautiful walk through the Ebro Park, passing through the Iron Bridge and the Stone Bridge.

Little by little the green ring of Logroño is adding new ideal areas for a walk, almost always next to the Ebro river. Thus the Parque de la Ribera opens up to nature and modern architecture: lake, viewpoints, Plaza de Toros and Riojaforum, are some of the charms of this section. You will also be able to see the caves that pierce Mount Cantabria closer than ever.

Continuing the walk, you will soon arrive at the Varea neighborhood, famous for its fruit and vegetable products that fill the vegetable stalls of the Mercado de Abastos. We follow the path to Agoncillo, where we will have already left the city of Logroño.

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