Gallarza Park

Logroño Gallarza Park

The lands where the Gallarza Park is located were private until their acquisition, in 1956, from Señor Herreros de Tejada.

Gallarza Park is located between Pérez Galdós, República Argentina, Somosierra and Menéndez Pelayo streets.

Two main walks organize the circulation inside. One of them, the longest, connects the two entrances to the park through Pérez Galdós and Somosierra and serves as a pedestrian alternative to transit through República Argentina or Menéndez Pelayo.

The other, shorter, part of Menéndez Pelayo and separates the park from the parish of Santa Teresita.

The Gallarza Park has a great plant wealth and has more than forty different species.

This park has been modified several times throughout its history. In its 2021 renovation, the space for public use was expanded for the development of cultural, recreational, sports and recreational activities.

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