Festivities of San Bernabé

The Festivities of San Bernabé in Logroño, declared of National Tourist Interest in 2015, are held in the first fortnight of June with a program full of events that attract the attention of visitors from all over the world each year.

Representations of the siege that the city suffered in the 16th century, markets of the time, weapons exhibitions, victorious parades, military camps, are some of the daily scenes during those days on the banks of the Ebro river and in the vicinity of the Puerta del Revellín (Revellín Gate), the only gate of the old city walls that is preserved.

Another attraction of these parties is the distribution of the fish, bread and wine in charge of the Cofradía del Pez. This event recalls that the people of Logroño fed during the siege thanks to the fish caught secretly in the Ebro river and wine from the underground wine cellars. This popular food tasting takes place next to the ancient city walls. It is one of the largest in Spain, as 30,000 servings are distributed in only one morning.

The most superstitious must not forget to walk under the Arch of San Bernabé that, as tradition says, brings luck in love and fulfills good wishes.

The Siege of Logroño

It was there in 1521, when an army of 30,000 French soldiers stormed the Riojan capital with the intention of occupying it. There were seventeen long days of siege in which only 4,000 soldiers from Logroño under the command of the Duke of Nájera achieved victory, on June 11, the day of San Bernabé.

Logroño celebrated his triumph by swearing the Vow to the Saint, who became the patron saint of the city.

Old Town of Logroño.

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