El Carmen Park

Logroño Carmen Park

The Parque del Carmen is an urban witness to the romantic gardens of the 19th century.

It was private until 1987, the year in which it was transferred to the City Council. It is bounded by Villamediana, Belchite and Pío XII streets.

Although immersed in an area with a high population density and surrounded by a belt of buildings to which it serves as access, the Parque del Carmen has all the necessary elements large trees, grown over the years, winding paths that connect whimsical gardens, fountains, ponds, games and animals to be a cool and pleasant oasis in the center of the city.

In its access through Villamediana Street, Parque del Carmen opens onto a beautiful pond, inhabited by a large number of birds, which delight children.

In front of it there is a children’s play area and a beautiful kiosko-bar with a terrace. Between them the main promenade of the Park arises, which crosses it longitudinally and reaches Pío XII street.

To the right and left, we discover four paths that lead the visitor to the four squares, interior gardens, that the Park has. There are four spaces that, with geometric or flower shapes, house in their center a planter, an aviary and a beautiful metallic butterfly.

The Park culminates in Pío XII street, ascending by a series of ramps and lateral stairs. A light source cascades down from the highest area. In front of it, an olive tree welcomes or says goodbye to the visitor.

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