CDM Lobete

Logroño CDM Lobete

The Lobete Municipal Sports Center – Centro Deportivo Municipal (CDM) has an ice rink, a hydrothermal space, a bodybuilding and fitness room, two swimming pools (large and small), a sports court and a cafeteria.

It offers the rental and use of its spaces, activities in off-peak hours with flexible hours, days and activities, and a weekday discount for the use of the swimming pool and its hydrothermal space at noon.

Its ice rink has a maximum capacity of 800 people. The minimum age for access is three years.

Grandstand for 624 people. Sports court: futsal, handball, volleyball, basketball and minibasket. Grandstand for 980 people.

Heated pools. Hydromassage and relaxation pool, Weight training and Fitness room, Infirmary and Cafeteria.

Albia de Castro Street, 5. 26003 Logroño.


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