Calle Laurel

Calle Laurel

A place of tapas par excellence, Calle Laurel (Laurel Street) is an essential visit for those who want to enjoy the gastronomic essence of the region. Tapas, pinchos and ‘raciones’ accompanied with good riojas make La Laurel stand out as an unforgettable experience.

Gastronomy plays a fundamental role in family and social relationships in Logroño. No matter the reason, the important thing is to meet with those close to you around an assorted table with the best vegetables from the garden, a good meat dish and imaginative and delicious desserts whose recipes are passed down from generation to generation.

In the tables of Logroño everything combines well, the foods blend with each other, pairing flavors and sensations cohesive by the excellent Rioja wine. You cannot eat without good wine in Logroño: our most typical and precious product presides over all the celebrations.

Quality gastronomy

The people of Logroño are proud to have numerous restaurants, all of great quality. In addition, the chiquiteo, one of the local customs that most attracts visitors, allows us to enjoy the most succulent and varied pinchos accompanied by our favorite Riojas.

Although the bars are spread throughout the city, Calle Laurel has traditionally been the area of picoteo (snacking tapas) by excellence. In bars and restaurants you can find all kinds of typical dishes such as ’embuchados’, stuffed peppers, roasted choricillo, grilled mushrooms, and a long list or other delicacies.

Some of them retain a super tradition: they specialize in a single tapa, so that the people of Logroño knows where the ‘slipper’ (roasted bread with tomato and serrano ham), the mushroom , the ‘orejita’, the ‘pincho de tortilla’ (Spanish omelette) or the gilda (pickles) of their loves.

Logroño also offers delicious artisan ice cream shopsand trendy bars and cafes to chat and rest after a good meal. They are establishments with a very pleasant atmosphere in their terraces out onto the street. These bars and restaurants, spread throughout the city, are usually open until late at night.

In the heart of Logroño

Calle Laurel is next to San Blas Market – Plaza de Abastos and it runs parallel to Bretón de los Herreros Street, where the old walls of Logroño stood until they were demolished in 1862.

In those years it was decided to rebuild the adjoining houses, giving rise to what is now Calle Laurel.

Calle Laurel

Calle Laurel. 26001 Logroño.


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