Bullring Logroño La Ribera

Logroño Ebro Park and La Ribera Bullring Plaza de Toros of Logroño

The current bullfighting venue in Logroño was inaugurated on September 21, 2001. It has a capacity of more than 11,000 seats. The Plaza de Toros de La Ribera stands out for its comfort, thanks to its individual seats and the spaciousness with which its ten lines are designed.

Its interior appearance is similar to the Illumbe arena in San Sebastián, although its exterior is topped by a glazed perimeter gallery that runs along the entire ring and connects it with the lines, offering spectators a wonderful view of the Parque de la Ribera.

In addition to being used for bullfighting festivals, it is also a regular setting for music and sports concerts —for example, it has hosted Davis Cup tennis matches— and other social events.

The Plaza de La Ribera replaces the Plaza de la Manzanera, which had a capacity of 9,726 seats and was built by the Riojan architect Fermín Álamo in 1915.

The first bullfight on record in Logroño was a royal celebration held in 1148, on the occasion of the coronation of Alfonso VII.

The first stable square in the city dates from the middle of the 17th century and was called “El Coso”.

La Ribera Street, 13. 26004 Logroño.

Bullring Logroño La Ribera

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