Walks and hiking

Logroño hiking tours

Strolling through Logroño is easy, comfortable and very safe, with itineraries and urban and peripheral circuits. If you are a resident or visitor and you have decided to do a little sport or enjoy the landscapes and green areas on two wheels, you can also use the municipal bicycle loan service.

Ebro / Iregua Route – River Corridor

6.88km itinerary. It is characterized by being the one that offers the most natural diversity, by bringing together the three peri-urban parks that make up the green belt of the city of Logroño.
The visitor enjoys an ecosystem formed by a typical riverbank landscape on the banks of the Ebro and Iregua rivers.

Route El Cortijo – The viewpoint of the vineyard

11.5km itinerary that runs through a varied and surprising landscape to enjoy at any time of the year. Spectacular views throughout the journey.
The top of the viewpoint of the vineyard, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the Sleeping Lion, the Ebro river as it passes through the area and the landscape full of vineyards, cereal and other crops that give the environment endless colors and changing textures throughout the seasons.
From the top of the Fuenmayor path, after a small twist in the itinerary, we are surprised by a wonderful image of an almond grove, framing the city of Logroño.

Route La Grajera – Natural Park

This 10.5km itinerary treasures an enormous landscape wealth. As it is a circular route, the walker can start and end his walk anywhere on the route, from where he will enjoy the spectacular panoramic views that appear in a multitude of picturesque enclaves.

Varea Route – Roman City

8.1km itinerary that runs almost entirely through extensions of orchards and farms. Traditionally agricultural area and an attractive route due to the peculiar biological diversity that it presents, fundamentally based on fauna and flora adapted to the habitat of the urban periphery.

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