The Rafael Azcona municipal library inaugurates ArteFáfrica, an art room to create and develop works related to illustration and the arts of the book. ArteFábrica is a space located on the second floor of the municipal library equipped with […]

Rioja Wine Brotherhood

Cofradía del Vino de Rioja

                                  The “Cofradía del Vino de Rioja” (Rioja Wine Brotherhood) is a non-profit association that was established on June 30, 1984 in the town of San Millán de la Cogolla (La Rioja) and, more specifically, in the Hispanic Hall […]

Fielato. Pilgrim information point.

Fielato. Punto de información al peregrino.

                                  The “fielatos” are two small ground floor buildings that functioned as an office that was installed at the entrance of the towns to collect the old consumption tax or “pontazgo” for crossing a bridge, in this case the […]

Chapel of San Gregorio

Ermita de San Gregorio

                          The Camino de Santiago enters the city of Logroño through Ruavieja street, where you can find the hermitage or chapel of San Gregorio, practically rebuilt in the same place where the previous one was. The old building was built in 1642, in […]

Altadis Contemporary Art Awards Collection

Colección Altadis.

                            The exhibition hall of the Logroño City Council on the ground floor of the Rafael Moneo building houses the Altadis Contemporary Art Awards Collection. An exhibition in which 29 works by Spanish and French artists who have been awarded by this […]

Tasting of honeys and meads and visits to the bees


                                                    Come and enjoy different types of meads, all of them 100% handmade and 100% natural thanks to Alvaro Garrido master beekeeper who has been selecting the honeys from our […]

AK Museum. Museum of Modeling and Miniatures.

AK Museum

                        The reproduction of reality in miniature is a practice and a form of expression that has accompanied the human being throughout its evolution throughout history. Through this project, AK Interactive is willing to offer a comprehensive and historical view of modeling. The objective […]

Wineries of Logroño

Bodegas de Logroño

                                The capital of La Rioja is more than just a setting for wine tastings, it is not just a place where you can enjoy one of the most renowned Spanish designations of origin: it is an Oenopolis, a city […]

Michelin starred


                              Talking about restaurants in Logroño is something as spontaneous as the act of eating. Thanks to the number of good quality restaurants offered by the capital of La Rioja. The word culture has many meanings in the city of Logroño, […]

‘El Camino del vino’ (The Wine Road) Exhibition

Camino del vino

                            The exhibition shows the history of Ruavieja Street, both for being one of the main routes for pilgrims passing through Logroño and for its important role in the development of the city thanks to the wine production that took place there. […]