Logroño with your family

Enjoying Logroño with your family

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Because of its history, nature, diversity, accessibility and, why not, its size, Logroño and the surrounding area is the perfect destination to enjoy a few days with your family.

The capital of La Rioja offers a multitude of plans for kids and adults to enjoy at their own pace, or with guided tours, which will allow them to get to know more about an area full of history, culture, natural landscapes and good gastronomy.

Starting at the city centre, you can now explore its streets with a fun street escape, or open-air gymkhana, called ‘The Secret of Logroño’, themed on the siege the city suffered in 1521.

A critical moment in history in which the citizens of Logroño resisted the onslaught of the French troops and the fifth centenary of which was commemorated in 2021.

The challenge is to go through the streets solving different riddles to get the bread, wine and fish that gave strength to the neighbours during those difficult months of siege.

To access the game, all you have to do is connect to the website from your phone: https://gymkanaturistica.com/gymkanas and go to the starting point, the Cubo del Revellín.

We also recommend the Casa de las Ciencias to continue learning in a fun way. This centre is dedicated to the dissemination of science and technology and offers exhibitions, conferences… as well as children’s workshops for children from 6 years old.

Its outdoor space has a free-access area for experimenting with recreational elements with which to play at being a physicist, palaeontologist, geologist and even meteorologist.

From there, you can also see one of the most beautiful skylines of the city with views of the stone bridge, the Palace spire, the church of Santiago and the iron bridge, among other attractions. 

Logroño on a walk


After so much adventure, you’re likely to be hungry, so it’s a good time to discover the local cuisine.

The San Blas Market is a great place for children to learn about the variety of the Riojan vegetable garden, meat, fish and spices that constitute the basis of the region’s recipes.

The market is also one of Logroño’s historic buildings. It was inaugurated in 1930 and is located in the first market square on what was once the Church of San Blas.

If you want to go from theory to practice, you have to go to Laurel, San Juan and San Agustín streets.

Their fame precedes them and these are the best places to go for tapas.

For families looking for open spaces where they can walk, run and be in nature, Logroño has important green areas.

The Ebro Park, for example, located on the right bank of the river, offers more than 150,000 square metres of large lawns, paths and children’s playgrounds.

From there, there is a river corridor with a cycle lane that goes all the way to Iregua Park. An itinerary of almost 7 km without road traffic where you can enjoy a typical riverside wooded landscape with a great floral diversity.

On the outskirts of Logroño, just 5km away, you can find another of the city’s lungs, La Grajera Park. It is ideal for birdwatching, as its large reservoir is a refuge for many species that can be easily seen from the viewpoints and the existing signposted routes.

The Educational Classroom of La Grajera also offers activities and recreational experiences for all audiences to learn more about the fauna and flora of the area.

The park can be accessed from the Via Verde, a route that forms part of the French Way of St. James and that can be a great plan to feel like a pilgrim for a day. The official stage goes up to Nájera, but a less demanding option could be the walk to Navarrete, a hike of about 12 km.

Continue discovering the surroundings of Logroño. The Campomiel Beekeeping Interpretation Centreis locatedin the Varea district. Here you can visit the Honey Museum and it is also possible to go on day trips to the beehives or to taste the honey that has been considered the best organic honey in Spain in the Ecomiel competition.

Moving on a little further away, you come to two theme centres that will delight the little ones. One is the bird of prey park, Tierra Rapaz, where you can see day and night birds such as owls, eagles and hawks up close, not only in their aviaries, but also in action with flight demonstrations.

The second one is the paleo-adventure park, Barranco Perdido, which has a permanent exhibition on the Cretaceous in La Rioja and on dinosaurs, as well as offering many activities such as guided tours, a palaeontological circuit, a multi-adventure circuit and a Cretaceous beach where you can cool off in summer.

To find out about the calendar of family activities in La Rioja, the Balcón de Mateo offers a wide selection of cultural and leisure plans, as well as day trips adapted to children and teenagers.


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